Who we are

SHT is an IT Italian company located in Turin, Milan and Rome. Our core business is te resale, rental and maintenance on any kind of IT hardware. We are partner of a few selected market leader brand as HP, Cisco, Xerox, Epson, Zebra , Honeywell, Microsoft and Vmware.

Our office:

Headquarter: Turin
Via Del Pino, 8, 10040 La Cassa, Colverso (TO)
Phone: +39 011 9842612
Email: info@shtsrl.it

Sales office: Milan
Via Falcone Giovanni, 9, 20094 Corsico (MI)
Phone: +39 02 45400711
Email: milano@shtsrl.it

Operative branch: Rome
Viale dei Caduti Nella Guerra di Liberazione, 446, 20094 Corsico (MI)
Phone: +39 06 5057763
Email: roma@shtsrl.it